About Our Firm

The McBrayer Law Firm was started to focus on and to better serve the needs of you, the Client. You are not another number, not a quota, nor simply a part of some goal of the McBrayer Law Firm. We believe the practice of law to be a service, and to that end, our purpose is to serve you in your time of need. Working hand-in-hand with Vine Ministry, the McBrayer Law Firm strives to not only make an impact in the lives of its Clients, but also to reach out to the community and make an impact in others’ lives as well.

It is more than a job, more than a career – it is a practice with a purpose.

Vine Ministry

Why did this happen to me? This can be a question that haunts you, or this can be an opportunity to make an impact in others’ lives. At the McBrayer Law Firm, we believe in opportunities.

While the McBrayer Law Firm is helping you through your legal matters, a portion of all attorneys’ fees is donated to Vine Ministry, a non-profit foundation created for the sole purpose of making a difference in the community through charitable work and donations. At the conclusion of your case, our goal is for you to walk away not only feeling better about yourself physically, but also in knowing a difference will be made in others’ lives as well.

It is why the McBrayer Law Firm states it is “Serving you to reach many.”