Birmingham Car Accident Lawyer

Car crashes are a fact of life in modern America. Most regular commuters see one or more wrecks along the side of the road on the way to work every day. Regardless of how safe, careful, and defensively you drive, however, there are thousands of other drivers in cars all around you, and it only takes one distracted, negligent, or intoxicated driver to cause a wreck. When it happens, you need a Birmingham car accident lawyer to handle the claim, so that you can focus on recovering from the injuries and getting your life back together.

While no one wants to be in an automobile accident, the odds are that one will happen to you, sooner or later. When it happens, remember to stay calm, avoid arguing or placing blame on other drivers at the scene, and work with first responders to get the situation under control. Be sure to get all the critical information that your Birmingham car accident lawyer may need for the case, such as:

  • Names and contact numbers of all drivers involved in crash
  • License plate numbers and vehicle make and model details
  • Insurance company information for all cars in the incident
  • Time, date and specific location of the crash
  • Contact information for witnesses to the crash
  • Statements in writing from witnesses if possible

Contact a Birmingham car accident lawyer to discuss your case as soon as possible after you leave the scene and make it home. Your main job is to take care of yourself and get better, so trust your doctors and follow all their advice, and work with your lawyer to get justice for the case. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Vance McBrayer, call 205.588.8070 today.